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Bulgarian Kifla

What’s a Kifla?

Kifla is a Bulgarian breakfast, which tastes like sweet bread and usually is filled with chocolate, jam or lokum (google it, if you don’t know what lokum is). But, this word is also used as a Bulgarian slang word, which means something veeeryyy different.

What does a kifla look like?!

A Kifla is a girl, or a woman, who has a specific appearance. Usually these girls look like this: fake boobs, huge lips, fake again (I am not sure but I guess they all want to be Angelina, otherwise I have no explanation why you would do this to your face), lots of hair extensions, sometimes fake cheekbones, tan, fancy clothes and lots of demands! They believe reading books is a waste of time, they prefer to spend their time in a beauty salon, in sun beds, chalga clubs or just very expensive places. Are they gold diggers? Of course! Do they know all the chalga songs by heart, especially the ones that describe men as assholes? Of course! Are they ridiculously stupid? (here I wanna say of course but I’m just not going to answer!)

It is funny, but lots of really intelligent men like girls like this. Of course if you ask them, they will never confirm, but it is a fact. (Men like simple things – food, women, relationships. That’s how they’ve been created) But why? Why don’t they prefer a nice, good-looking, intelligent and educated woman instead of a kifla? I have no idea and no explanation. Most men have at least one of those girls on their list. Maybe they are not a marriage material, but they are good for having fun with, this is for sure!

So if you are dating a kifla or you are about to start dating one, you should be aware of some important facts!

#1.   You need to be rich! Or at least to be able to spend money all the time (find a way ASAP)

They like expensive vacations, designer clothes (Phillip Plein), fancy restaurants and very expensive cars! You need to spend, spend and spend all the time on her. In Bulgaria they say ‘’If you cannot get something with money, you get it with lots of money’’. Same goes for these girls.


#2. You may not be a king but she is a princess!

No, she is not going to wash your clothes, collect your socks from the floor, cook for you or clean the apartment. You are expected to have a maid. If not – you are going to lose her! All she can make an effort for is her nails, her hair and her tan!


#3. Cheap cars are not allowed

So if you are a happy owner of an Opel, Ford or Mazda, get rid of your car as soon as possible. You need to buy immediately a BMW, Audi or Mercedes. Of course, Porsche and Lamborgini are preferable… a Kifla is not going to sit in a low class car.


#4. Hundreds of roses

If you are a good and loving boyfriend you should send her at least once a week huuuuugeeee bouquet of flowers. More than 100 if possible. For no reason at all. Just to tell her ‘’I love you, I am thinking about you” As a ‘’Thank you’’ she will put a picture of them on Instagram and will type a wise quote under it!


#5. Be prepared for a lot of Chalga

Yes, you should know all the new songs and all the top chalga clubs. You have no excuse not to be informed. So start learning now!


So guys, I hope this was helpful. But please, before deciding you want to date a kifla, look around, there are so many beautiful, smart girls who are worth your attention and good attitude. Don’t underestimate yourself by dating these kind of women! If not – okay, you officially have my allowance to enjoy life the way you want to! hehehehe ….



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Antonia Chukova

I grew up in Kozloduy (the town of the NPP-Nuclear power plant). When I was 14 I moved to Sofia and currently I am in love with this place.
I love travelling, but I do not imagine myself living abroad. I just love Bulgaria and everything in it but I do like exploring new cultures, food and places. I love reading, fashion, shopping, clubbing and gossiping with my girlfriends. I am more of a SPA person with a TV addiction, which is why I am pursuing a career in Bulgarian television.