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Vietnamese Noodle House in Sofia


One of my favourite cuisines’ is Vietnamese.

Not only have I travelled to Vietnam and sampled the amazing aromatic, spicy but quite subtle, and fresh flavours of Vietnamese food firsthand, I am also Australian. And in Australia, we have an abundance of Asian restaurants at our fingertips.

When I moved to Bulgaria, Asian restaurants were seriously lacking! While of course loving Bulgaria and eating Bulgarian food, this was one of the things I dearly missed.

I tried a few of the approximations but nothing really came up to par. There was even, quite oddly, a place in one of the malls once that did a semi-reasonable Pho and some “cold rolls” (aka Vietnamese spring rolls, summer rolls, fresh spring rolls, or salad rolls) but that is no longer there. It wasn’t the best, but in lieu of any other option, I admit I had been a few times.

So imagine my absolute delight when I discovered a pretty authentic Vietnamese Noodle House in Sofia!!

I debated whether to write about it because I was kind of selfishly thinking, I want to keep this hidden gem all to myself!

But then I decided I should share the joy in the hope that others will enjoy it too and support Sen Viet – The Viet Kitchen.

I have only ever had the Beef Pho and the cold rolls there, but I have recommended Sen Viet to friends who have been more adventurous than me (I think I was just concerned I’d be disappointed) and they loved the Roast Pork Salad. I am encouraged now to order it next time I go!

The Beef Pho is simply very very good – a wonderful experience! They have no issue in providing some freshly cut chilly so I can add to my taste as I prefer my Pho spicy, and of course, they provide fresh lemon wedges.

From my perspective, it’s not a dinner venue but works well for a quick lunch. Only because it’s a little too café-like or lowkey for me. But don’t let me put you off if you want to try for an evening meal.

I also understand they have two venues, but the Noodle House is the most authentic of the two. It’s located at 71 ул. „Пиротска и ул.Опълченска, Sofia, Bulgaria (on the corner of Ul. Pirotsko and Opalchenska) in Sofia.

They don’t have a website but they have a Facebook page here:

If you find yourself hankering for some Vietnamese Food while in Sofia, don’t overthink it, just go and enjoy!










Kylie is an Australian living in Bulgaria. Coming from an extensive HR background, she is a HR Consultant offering HR services to clients around the world.

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