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The Top 5 Surf Spots in Bulgaria

Despite inconsistent weather in summer and noticeably low temperatures in winter, have you ever thought of Bulgaria as a top destination for some amazing surf? Home to some of the most remote, yet exhilarating surfing spots, Bulgaria may not boast the views of the Superbank Gold Coast in Australia, but you can certainly rest assured that you’ll have an excellent surfing experience regardless. Just one little tip: with Bulgaria sea temperatures averaging at 3°C throughout the winter months you certainly don’t want to forget your wetsuit! Without further ado, here are the top five surf spots in Bulgaria. 


Shabla is easily one of the top five surf spots in Bulgaria, and for good reason too! There are relatively few surfers here even on good days, so you can enjoy the perfect surfing conditions that the offshore, southwestern winds provide. Moreover, by surfing just off of this hidden beach, you can enjoy good surf at all stages of the tide, and thus enjoy riding the waves from the morning right up until when the sun sets! As well as surfing, you can also enjoy a range of other activities, including exploring hidden rock caves, fishing and diving. As one of the top beaches along the Black Seaside in Bulgaria, we strongly suggest you give surfing here at whirl! 

Kabakum Beach 

The next top surf spot in Bulgaria is Kabakum Beach, which is situated between the “Sts. Constantine and Helena” resort and popular “Golden Sands” resort. This impeccably clean beach boasts crystal clear water and is teeming with water sport fanatics, of course including surfers! After a day full of surfing, why not drive into the city of Varna? Located approximately 10 km north of the beach, the city of Varna is Bulgaria’s third city and one of the most interesting places on the Black Sea Coast. In the centre you will find Bulgaria’s biggest Roman baths complex, The Roman Baths of Odessos, amongst numerous archaeological museums bursting with some of the finest artefacts found to date.  


Even though the reliability of the waves at Harmani is a little inconsistent, it is still one of the top surf spots in Bulgaria. As one of the largest beaches with strong currents, it’s no wonder that throughout the summer season the area is teeming with tourists. However, beware, as bay watchers often get frustrated with surfers who do not attain a permit to paddle out. Ideally, this surf spot is best suited to experienced surfers, but rest assured that beginners can enjoy surfing here too as there is often good weather conditions and no rocks.  


Yet another hot surf spot in Bulgaria is Arkutino. Complete with sand, the most magnificent foamy water and a scattering of thatched beach parasols in the summer, Arkutino is an ideal surfing location regardless of how much experience you have under your board. As well as surfing, you can also kite surf or kayak in Arkutino, so you’ll easily find a water sport the entire family can enjoy. After a day of surfing, why not head into the town Primorsko? Famous for its elegant arching 10 km sandy beach, this town is perfect for young and old. Beglik Tash, Ropotamo and Akva Planet Primorosko are amongst the top attractions here.  


Last but certainly not least, Melnitza is a great surf spot for all. Located approximately 110 km from the Southern Black Sea town of Bourgas, this family-friendly beach is perfect for those that want to exhibit their surfing skills and spend precious time paddling in the water of the Black Sea with loved ones. Once you have packed up your surfboard, why not head into the village of Melnitsa and embrace the natural attractions, including the Thracian rock sanctuaries.  

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