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Nido Skate Park Sofia

Skate Park Sofia, Nido’s Challenge

Last weekend I went along to a really cool event at Skate Park Sofia. The event was organised by Nido Furniture Store and the slogan was ‘You can’t jump over us’. The idea was quite unique, Nido brought along a sofa, put it in the middle of the skate park, and then challenged the skateboarders and bmx riders to jump over it!

These kids and adults all made it look quite easy of course, my guess is they’ve all had a lot of practice on those huge ramps at the skate park! I’m not much of a dare devil myself so I’ve never tried jumping over anything on a skateboard, however I think it’s safe to say that it’s definitely not as easy as they made it look!

Nido also served hot dogs and beers and by a stroke of luck we had an incredibly hot and sunny October afternoon which was perfect! Everyone enjoyed a few hours basking in the sun and watching the talented skaters perform their tricks and stunts. We’ve got some great photos which we will be adding to our Facebook page soon so make sure you like our page and look out for those!

You can visit Nido Furniture Store at 1 Andrey Liapchev blvd 1756, Sofia or, take a look at their website.

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Rebecca Richardson

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