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Sapareva Banya - Downtown

Sapareva Banya, Bulgaria

Sapareva Banya is one of the places that awakens my childhood memories and makes me smile every time. As a kid, I would go on a trip in the mountains for anything between 10 to 30 days every summer and this was usually either our starting point, or the last stop on our trip which is why every memory I have of it comes along with that sweet feeling you have when you think of the place you call home.

Many people don’t know that Sapareva Banya has the hottest mineral water spring in Europe! The geyser in the center of town “explodes” irregularly since 1959 with 109 Degrees Celsius (217.4 degrees Fahrenheit) and the fountain itself is quite an impressive view. But this is the least Sapareva Banya can offer.

Just 2 minutes away from the fountain you can enjoy a magnificent SPA day in the local mineral water swimming pool. The place works since 6:30 in the morning until 8 in the evening and the entrance is only 5 leva per person (2.5 euros). If you don’t have your own towel, you will need to pay another 1 lev, but I am sure this won’t scare you off. The swimming pool they provide is quite large and always clean. There’s an amazing jacuzzi at one of its ends. What I loved the most about the place was the 2 small pools for contrast baths: one really hot (naturally) and one quite cold. This experience is so incredible for your body and skin, that I bet you’ll come thank me if you try it out!

If you want to use a combo of the indoor swimming pool and the outdoors ones (which you can see on the pics below) you will need to pay 15 leva (7.5 euros) per person. Still – incredible price for what you will receive. Find out more about the place (working hours, etc) here.

It’s quite important to mention, that the mineral water has healing abilities. The one is Sapareva Banya is incredibly good for anyone with skin issues, problems on the loco-motor apparatus and the peripheral nervous system.

But even this doesn’t say everything about the amazing Sapareva Banya. The town itself is incredibly picturesque and located perfectly for anyone who wants to visit the 7 Rila Lakes, the Rila Monastery, climb Musala, or simply enjoy clean air and breathtaking views.

The place is also packed with hotels and guest houses and you definitely won’t have a problem finding a place to crash, but I promise we will soon provide you with as much information as possible on what the best choice of place would be!

Mineral Water Swimming Pools In Sapareva Banya

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