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We discovered Zlatna Ribka restaurant by accident – we were actually driving to Pancharevo Lake, and decided to check if there was something interesting a little further down the road. We found more villages, some sort of small electric station, a lot of land for sale and Zlatna Ribka Restaurant and Motel! The place seemed interesting, there were cars parked outside and we decided to grab a bite there, even though it was too late for lunch and way too early for dinner. Unfortunately, most of the tables outside were taken, and the best ones were reserved, but the waiter still found one table for us, close to the fishpond with carps and with a beautiful view on the hills and the little river.

Zlatna Ribka is not only a restaurant, but also a motel, but since we haven’t been to this motel, this will be only be the review of the restaurant!

I have to say – if you like fancy brand new restaurants – Zlatna Ribka isn’t for you. The building is quite old (and not everyone finds it charming), but if you go there when the weather is nice, the views are great and so is the food. They have several dishes with different types of fresh trout on the menu, as well as a big selection of Bulgarian “classical” salads and main courses.

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Suitable for: Lunch, Dinner
Reservations: +359 888 323 365
Meal for one: 15 leva (€ 7.5)
Visited on: August 2014

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Things we liked:

  • You’ll see on the pictures how beautiful the area around the restaurant is, and I have to say that it’s even more peaceful and relaxing in real life. After your meal you’ll just want to lie down in the grass and look at the sky!
  • Everything we tried was tasty, but if you like fish – order one of their trout meals!
  • If you have children – make sure to check the restaurant backyard, they often have roosters and ducks there, and even though you are not supposed to touch them – they are always fun to look at!
  • Free parking just outside the restaurant

Things to improve:

  • Zlatna Ribka doesn’t accept credit cards, so make sure you have enough cash for your lunch or dinner
  • It is hard to know if all the tables outside will be taken or not, so either call and book a table, or for your fist visit try to go outside of usual “meal” hours, after all – you wouldn’t want to drive for such a long time and have to sit inside!
  • Sirene Po Shopski: I’m a big fan of Sirene cheese in general, but the one I tried in Zlatna Ribka had a really strong taste (and not the nice kind)

Address: Route ll – 82 (Sofia – Samokov), between Pancharevo and Pasarel

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