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Yun Restaurant is the kind of place you have to search for, because it’s located quite far from the usual touristy places in the center, but it’s totally worth going to! We went there for lunch and we really liked it!

I have to admit, I’m not at all an expert in Korean cuisine, and don’t really know anything except for “kimchi”, that’s why I especially appreciated the pictures and detailed descriptions of meals in the menu – it made choosing so much easier!

If you like discovering new cultures and tastes, you should definitely check Yun restaurant out! Oh yes – if you are a novice like me, eating with Korean chopsticks might seem challenging at first (because they are not square like the Chinese ones, plus they are made of metal instead of wood, and are actually quite flat) but you’ll figure it out really fast!!!

What we love about it:

  • Everything we ordered tasted good – and I really liked my seafood soup!
  • A nice touch: even though we just ordered one entry and two meals, we’ve received a mix of traditional Korean appetizers (you can see them on the picture), and they were all quite tasty, especially the one with peanuts in some kind of sauce.
  • Our waiter was very nice, he spoke both Bulgarian and English and managed to answer all of our questions and also gave us some helpful advice about our food choices.

What they can improve:

  • It will probably seem strange to complain about coffee in a Korean restaurant, but I like having coffee after (and sometimes before my meal) and the cappuccino I ordered tasted nothing like cappuccino. It didn’t matter much to me, because I know where to get good coffee, but I’m still mentioning it, because it was the only thing I didn’t like about the restaurant!
+359 2 963 03 65 / + 359 879 99 13 37
34, Elemag street, Izgrev
Price for one: 20 leva (€10)
Suitable for: lunch, dinner
Visited on: November 2014

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