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Sofia has a lot of night clubs, but if you are as picky as I am about the music and the environment, you might see finding the right place to “crash” difficult. Searching for the perfect spot took me quite a while, but I think I finally found it and it all happened by mistake.

On Friday 4th of July my sister and I were invited out for a drink by a few Americans. We weren’t in the mood, but at the same time we couldn’t really deny going out as this day is an official American holiday and it was going to be rude if we had said no! So, we dressed up in some nice long dresses, the way every lady would do when going just for a drink, and left the house.

Our idea was to join them for a drink and in about an hour and a half to go back home and get some sleep as we had a long day planned and we were supposed to wake up at 8 a.m. However, not long after we met with the group in a local bar, someone said we should all go to Biblioteka. We’ve been to Once upon a time, which is the coffee area of the whole thing called “Once upon a time… Biblioteka”, but we’ve only heard about the club Biblioteka so it took us a bit, but we finally decided that it’s not going to take us much longer if we go, check out the place and then return to our schedule.

A little after midnight we were all at the door of the club located in the back part of the national library, where its name comes from. Like every other club around, this one has an entrance fee as well, which is 10 leva (€5) per person (no, it does not include a drink). As we stepped inside the main door we saw a place that was looking like it has been pulled out of a Marvel’s movie. The interior is truly impressive – magical and classy at the same time.

After this special vestibule we got into the actual club, which represents a huge hall with a lot of tables and booths and plenty of space to dance. The party was already going wild and the people were obviously having fun.

I believe you all know this uncomfortable feeling when you get in a club and how it usually takes a while until you feel relaxed enough to really start having fun yourself, right? Well what I loved about Biblioteka, was that even though I wasn’t dressed with the best outfit for dancing, the music and the whole atmosphere there put me in the right mood very quickly.
All the people there seemed nice, like they’ve agreed on some order for behaving well to the rest. Everyone was friendly and interested only in having a good time. If you ever been in such situation you know what I’m talking about.

The music was that great mixture of the commercial songs from all styles and old school music and to be honest the DJ really knew how to keep the mood of the visitors high. As a matter of fact he was sooo good that a few minutes after we entered the club we were already crashing on the dance floor. Thanks to everything that club represents we forgot we had to be fully awake on Saturday morning so at around 4 a.m. we were literally jumping and enjoying the party.

In the end we had an amazing night. Even though we only had about 3h of sleep before we jumped into our busy Saturday routine, at the end of the day, we were all exhausted but still not regretting giving up our sleep.

So if you want to have a quality time out that you’ll never regret, I recommend you choose this club.

Looking forward to hear about your experience there 😉

What we love about it:

  • Everything!

What they can improve:

+359 886 811 614
88 Vasil Levski Boulevard
Drink for one: 10 leva (€5)
Suitable for: partying and crazy clubbing
Visited on: July 2014

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