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To be honest, we didn’t see the hotel itself, because we stayed in the beautiful Garmen Hills Complex, but we did enjoy their mineral pools for a day, and we were more than happy!

Ognyanovo village is situated just 10 km away from Garmen Hills Complex, and the owner mentioned to us that there are some warm thermal pools in there and we decided to check them out.

For a little less than 20 leva/10 euros per person we had access to the “VIP” part of the pools of the hotel (a big warm indoor pool at 37 degrees; an outside hot “Jacuzzi” pool – unfortunately, I don’t remember it’s exact temperature, but felt more like a bath, than a pool, so it’ must’ve been really hot; and a warm outside children’s pool).

For those of you who are not interested in that many pools, but still want to enjoy some nice thermal water – Therma Vitae hotel also offers access to their “regular” warm pool, at 8 leva/4 euros per person. The only problem is that the “regular” pool is quite crowded.

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Suitable for: Romantic getaway, spa trip
Reservations: +359 75 233 182
Price per night: 98 leva (€49)
Visited on: August 2014

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Things we liked:

  • All of the pools and the fact that there was enough space to actually swim in the big indoor one
  • The pool bar, right next to the children’s small outside pool
  • Nice comfy sun beds, clean showers and changing rooms
  • Helpful staff – especially the lady who managed to open our locker when we forgot our combination to it!
  • Prices – yes, 20 leva is not cheap for a tiny village like Ognyanovo, but when you think that in Sofia for 25 leva you sometimes only get access to a cold outdoor pool and a crowded indoor pool – it makes you review your opinion about prices in general!
  • Tiny slide in children’s swimming pool (probably for children under age of 5-6), but still – it’s the small gestures that count, and if you have children, you know how much fun they can have on water slides!
  • The way your skin feels after a day spent in nice, warm thermal water. There’s no way to describe it – you just have to experience it for yourself!

Things to improve:

  • We liked absolutely everything! However, you should know that you can only pay in cash, so make sure you withdraw some money before going to Therma Vitae, otherwise you’ll end up driving around Garmen looking for an ATM, like we did.
  • The pool bar doesn’t have any food on the menu, so if you want to spend the whole day at the pool – don’t go there hungry! However, just outside the “pool area” there is a restaurant, so you can always grab a bite there! If you do – make sure to tell us what you think about their restaurant!

Address: Ognyanovo Village, 2947, Garmen

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