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Stella di Mare was the first and only Italian restaurant we went to in Sunny beach. Choosing a perfect hotel took up so much of our energy that we honestly didn’t look up the things to do and places to eat at in Sunny Beach.

When I’m saying that everything was delicious and we were happy with our choices, I really mean it! Maybe you’ll understand better if I tell you that we were 4 hungry adults, and each of us ordered an entry and a main course, and we ate everything so fast that I only had time to take 2 pictures of our food to share them with you guys!

If you are travelling to Sunny Beach from abroad, you might not be interested in going to an Italian restaurant, and you will be right to try Bulgarian food instead. But if (like all of us at Eat Stay Love Bulgaria) you live here – you know that sometimes it’s nice to eat something different for a change.

A small reminder: Don’t forget that most of Sunny Beach restaurants, clubs and bars only work during summer season!

What we love about it:

  • Big selection of fresh seafood on the menu (and everything we tried was really and truly tasty). The mussels were really big, comparing to the ones they serve in Sofia, and there were enough mussels in the portion to consider it as a meal, and not an appetizer!
  • Good pizzas, of course.
  • A possibility to order traditional Bulgarian stuff, like Shopska Salata, that you can see in one of the 2 pictures I managed to take.
  • Location – right on the beach and next to Dune Hotel.
  • English speaking staff.

What they can improve:

  • Not sure it could be improved, but we found Stella di Mare to be quite expensive comparing to Sofia. It was still cheaper than, let’s say restaurants in Paris, but more expensive than an average restaurant in Bulgaria. But then again, their portions are considerably bigger than in most restaurants in Sunny Beach!
+359 885 22 94 04
On the boulevard, between Dune Hotel and Globus Hotel
Price for one: 30 leva (€15)
Suitable for: lunch, dinner
Visited on: July 2014

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