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Our guide to Sofia

The lovely capital of Bulgaria is one of those large cities where life isn’t all about the rat race yet. Sofians are indeed busy people, traffic is sometimes hectic, business events grow rapidly from year to year, yet life is still vivid and full of laughter! Here’s our short guide to living in Sofia!

The cost of living in Sofia

One of the things that no one really tells you about Bulgaria and Sofia, in particular, is that living here allows you a better life standard than in most large cities around the world. Entertainment prices are still in the low spectrum and eating out is something you can afford on a daily basis. The local currency is Leva but we will list the prices in Euro to make it a little easier to follow. A regular restaurant bill for 2 will cost you around €25 and this won’t be a low-class restaurant. You can get a cup of coffee for €1 and cinema tickets are around €6 per person. There’s carting, opera, theatre, art galleries, museums, parks, wake-boarding, horse riding, skiing and so many other things you can do in Sofia!

You can travel from one end to Sofia to the other for €0,80 using the extremely well-developed city transport network and connect to free WiFi networks with the fastest internet connection in Europe (and perhaps even in the world). Your monthly mobile bill will cost you €25 if you talk a lot and about 100 channels of TV will be around €20. Home internet connection of 20 Mbps will cost you about €5 with a free router on an annual contract.

The average rent of a nice, clean and modern one bedroom apartment in Sofia will be something like €400-€500 and additional bills (electricity and water) probably won’t go above €100 even if you’re home all the time, cooking and washing clothes. And this is just a fraction of the benefits of living in Sofia!

The history of Sofia

This video of Terry Randall will tell you a lot about Sofia’s history.

Living in Sofia as an expat

If you’re doing research about Sofia, there’s a lot of information you may find useful on this website: sports, gyms, parks, museums, restaurants and so much more! Just browse the website and don’t be afraid to contact us if there’s anything you would like to know more about!

Entertainment in Sofia

As we live in Sofia we do write a lot about it! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive monthly news about various activities and recommendations.


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