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If I could shout out to the world for this particular place, I would! I know some of you might be expecting us to tell you about a place that is really bad. Well, it will happen eventually, just not this once… Yesterday, I left the office at 11:30 and went mountain climbing (in a long dress and ballerina style shoes- don’t ask) on Vitosha. After discovering the most amazing rock with a fantastic view I was told to stop by the River Side Brewery and so I did. And oh boy, oh boy! Is this place stunning!

Just like about 20 minute from Sofia’s city center by car (above Dragalevtsi) there is this absolutely adorable place, reachable by car yet hidden inside the forest. One of the nicest thing about it is that it has multiple terraces, each with its own style.

The front one has two different sitting areas: one overlooking the children’s playground and the second one: tables surrounded with beautiful flowers. The back terrace is smaller, but it is like 3 meters away from a tiny river and the sound of the water is just like live music. But as soon as you get in- wow! If you are a vegetarian you might feel bad, but if you’re not, you’ll probably be drooling from the smell of the meat (just like I was)!

And for the ones like me- if you are looking for a place to get away, that second terrace has electricity sockets, so you can plug your laptop, ask for WiFi password, listen to the river and order a beer. Oh yeah, did I mention they brew their own beer? Well, they do and it is absolutely delicious!

So, if you have some free time or you need to run away from the city, get in that car and go there immediately! I promise you won’t regret it! And once you do, you make sure you come back and tell me what you think about the place!

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+359 876 123466
Dragalevtsi district
Price for one: 25 leva (€ 12.5)
Suitable for: Coffee, time alone, lunch, dinner

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Nina AlexanderNina

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