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O!Shipka Pizza Restaurants are located in several different places around Sofia and you can find the addresses below this description.

To begin with: this is the kind of a place you’d like to go if you don’t feel like dressing fancy and feeling on display. Everything about O!Shipka is casual: the place is clean and nice with wooden tables and benches, the service is friendly and the food comes in large portions! So if you are starving and need to stuff yourself well (we Bulgarians love doing this every now and then) do not hesitate in your choice!

The huge menu (yes, exhaustive menus are common in here) will offer you pretty much any casual meal you can think off and pizza there is really nice! They use fresh ingredients and lay them on a thin crust in so many variations, that choice shouldn’t be a problem. Plus, if you like a combo on the menu but a certain ingredient isn’t your favorite you can always let the waiter know and they’ll make you the pizza you want! I shouldn’t forget to mention that they also have wonderful onion rings – I personally spent months trying to find decent ones in Sofia.

Every O!Shipka has a garden as well, so you don’t need to sit inside. Just keep in mind that if you do actually prefer to be indoors the place might get quite loud in the evenings: none of their locations have good acoustics.

Pizzas cost anything from 6 leva (3 Euros) to 10 leva (5 euros) for a large one (30 cm diameter) and I am not kidding! It’s pretty much comparable with the prices of “All you can eat” promos in London but only you actually get to choose everything in your meal!

Address (close to University of Sofia): 11 Shipka Str., Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone for reservations: +359 2 944 92 88

Address (downtown Sofia): 13 Budapest Str., Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone for reservations: +359 2 944 93 88

Address (Studentski grad): Block 51, Studentski grad, Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone for reservations: +359 2 868 92 72

Address (Lyulin): ж.к. Люлин 10 146, 1335 София (copy and paste in your browser or click the Lyulin location button above)
Phone for reservations: +359 2 927 72 52

Address (Borovo): Boulevard Buxton 22, Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone for reservations: +359 2 955 55 25

What we love about it:

  • Great pizza
  • Lots of choice
  • Nice onion rings!

What they can improve:

It can get very noisy making it difficult to have a conversation.

+359 2 944 92 88 / +359 2 868 92 72 / +359 2 927 72 52
Various locations
Price for one: 10 leva (€5)
Suitable for: lunch, dinner
Visited on: January 2015

Reviewed by:

Nina AlexanderNina

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