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We had a lot of visitors this summer, so naturally, we wanted to show all of them as many beautiful things in Sofia as we could. The idea was great, but we ended up going to all of Sofia’s churches and museums at least 5 times in July and August and realised that we just had to get out of the city. What’s one of the nicest things to see in Bulgaria, without driving for too long? Yes, it’s the Rila Monastery!

On our way back from the Monastery we were all quite hungry, and just decided to stop at the first restaurant we saw. That’s how we discovered Magiata na Rila Restaurant and Hotel. Since we haven’t checked out the hotel, this will be the restaurant review!

What we love about it:

  • We had lunch outside, and our table was right next to the river, which was really beautiful.
  • The waiter suggested freshly grilled trout, and it was delicious!
  • Since it was a Bulgarian restaurant, it had nice wooden tables and benches, cute napkins with traditional colors and even a little fishpond.

What they can improve:

  • Since our guests had never tried MishMash, we wanted to order it, but the waiter told us that they don’t have enough eggs to make it. After some time he told us that he managed to find enough eggs for us, but it was still quite a strange thing for a traditional Bulgarian restaurant.
  • They didn’t have “Domashnia Limonada” – the home made lemonade, which was disappointing, because it’s a nice summer drink in Bulgaria and we wanted our guests to try it, but I do realize that it’s not that dramatic!
+359 7052 2255/ +359 898 691057/ +359 898 686429
6km before the Rila Monastery
Price for one: 15 leva (€7.50)
Suitable for: lunch, dinner
Visited on: July 2014

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