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Luxury Beach Bar and Dinner was the first place that we checked out in Sunny Beach, just because it was really close to our hotel. Honestly, we didn’t expect much from this place – after all everybody knows that Sunny Beach is a touristic beach resort, and the quality doesn’t always match the prices in such places.

That’s why you can imagine our surprise when we opened our menus and saw that the prices were very much adequate (more expensive than in Sofia, but still quite affordable). Plus, when we ordered some food and drinks, everything was fresh, tasty and arrived at our table super fast!

Luxury Beach Bar and Dinner is a very nice place, and it’s a good way to start your Sunny Beach vacation – sipping a cocktail, eating good food and enjoying the sea view!

What we love about it:

  • Location! Luxury Beach Bar and Dinner is located directly on the beach, so you can literally put your feet in the sand and enjoy your food and drinks while looking at the beautiful Black Sea.
  • Friendly staff and a quick service. Also, all the waiters spoke several foreign languages, which is always helpful.
  • Tasty food: we had lunch there, and ordered appetizers, main course and desserts, and everything tasted very nice. Our friends who came to visit us in Bulgaria were actually amazed to rediscover that vegetables can have a taste!
  • Prices: As I’ve said before – we paid more than we usually do in Sofia, but it was still not as expensive as in some other restaurants in Sunny Beach.

What they can improve:

  • Happy Hour in Luxury Beach Bar: We went back there for some drinks in the evening, and found out that the cocktails cost double of what they usually cost in Sofia (around 11 leva/5.5 euros per cocktail). However, since it was a happy hour we got two cocktails for this price. So instead of drinking one cocktail and deciding what to drink next, the four of us ended up receiving two cocktails each, all at the same time. Since it was hot and the ice was melting, we had to finish our first cocktails really fast, and immediately start with in the second ones. It was actually quite a funny experience, but we were too scared to stay there longer, because we really didn’t want to get drunk in 5 minutes!
+ 359 893 444 322
In front of Hotel Europe, Sunny Beach
Price for one: 20 leva (€10)
Suitable for: lunch, dinner, drinks
Visited on: August 2014

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