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Oborishte district in Sofia has a lot to offer – there are tiny hidden museums and galleries, small shops that you just stumble upon and can’t seem to find again later, beautiful parks and squares, and of course lots and lots of cafes, bars and restaurants. Our recent discovery in Oborishte is “L’Instant French Restaurant”, and it is definitely one of those places where you’ll always want to return once you’ve tried it.

The restaurant is both very classy and cozy, and at the same time has a certain French “je ne sais quoi”, immediately making you feel like you should sit back, have a glass of some good French wine and just let yourself be seduced by the delicious food. Just like in Paris, your waiter will bring you a board with “suggestion du jour” (daily suggestions) written in chalk, and leave it next to your table, so that you can make an informed decision without missing out on something good! By the way, the owners are French, so if you need some advice, don’t hesitate to ask them. After all, we all know that French people know a thing or two about good wine and food!

As for me, I absolutely fell in love with the “Crème brulée de foie gras” (duck liver served like a traditional French dessert – crème brulée), and the “Fish soup with rouille sauce”. A little warning – learn from my mistakes, and leave some space in your stomach for the dessert, otherwise you’ll be really disappointed when the waiter comes to your table and announces “les desserts du jour”(desserts of the day), and you’re too full to eat another bite.

As always – think about booking your table, if you are going to “L’Instant” during the weekend, or if you need a big table for a lot of people. And for those of us who are busy, there’s always a possibility to come for lunch and enjoy some tasty French food without even being late for work!

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+359 2 843 03 64
24 Asen Zlatarov Str, Sofia
Price for one: 30 leva (€15)
Suitable for: lunch, dinner

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