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¿Te gusta la fiesta? If the answer is yes, and if you are looking for a different kind of bar in Sofia – La Casa de Cuba is the right place for you! Good music (salsa, but lots and lots of other songs that we all know without even realizing it), a HUGE cocktail selection and the nice staff will really make you feel like you are having a drink somewhere in the streets of old Havana. And, for once, the bartenders have really thought about those of us who want to have fun without feeling guilty the next day – they have a “healthy cocktail selection” with smoothies, fresh juices (that you may, but don’t have to, mix with alcohol). I’ve tried the “cucumber, lemon, mint and parsley” smoothie and I can say that it definitely tastes healthy! A little hint – if you didn’t come to “La Casa de Cuba” for “healthy drinks” – try finding a place at the bar, where the bartenders will recommend you the best cocktails they have at the moment, or will suggest a drink that you’ll like the most (after asking you a couple of questions, of course). And if you stay for more than one cocktail, they will probably even offer you a “compliments of the chef” shot, or some snacks to chew on while drinking!

If you don’t care about staying at the bar, and the weather is nice – you can always sit outside, enjoy a smoke and the beautiful street that has a kind of southern-Europe charm. The blankets outside are at your disposal, to keep you warmer when it’s chilly, like today. But even though it’s raining in Sofia at the moment, you should still come and enjoy a real Cuban night in “La Casa de Cuba” and forget all about the weather! And, as always, don’t forget to share your experience and your favorite cocktails with us in your feedback!

What we love about it:

  • It’s really nice to have a cocktail here and enjoy the music and atmosphere.

What they can improve:

+359 2 963 2297
Ulitsa “Tsvetna” Gradina” 1
Drink for one: 10 leva (€5)
Suitable for: drinks
Visited on: September 2014

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