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Recently a friend of mine invited me for a drink after work in Flip Flop bar. Situated on Oborishte street, it’s a small, cosy and very colourful place. I was actually amazed by the interior as it’s so creative and interesting. You can tell the place was designed with passion. And guess what! The menu is written on the back of a real Flip Flops. So funny!

The bar is open seven days a week from 10pm until 2am. They offer all the typical drinks for a bar, cocktails, both alchoholic and non-alchoholic, wine, soft drinks, coffee and so on. But what is very specific for this place is the beer. There are a few types of a limited edition beer, which cannot be found in many places in Sofia, but Flip Flop is one of these places. I personally don’t drink beer but my friend had a few and really enjoyed them! 🙂

When you go, you should definitely try the Moscowmule cocktail (contains vodka, lime and ginger beer) and the so called ‘’Strohk’’, which is an Austrian rum and is veeeryyyyy strong. If you are driving, you had better stay away from it for sure 🙂

In the summer this place is also fun. Sometimes they even put a small swimming pool outside, which is a genius idea, because we all know how hot it is during the summer in Sofia. There is also a bar outside in summer, so you can enjoy your drink on the sidewalk. Also, in the summer months you can be a part of the ‘’Bar tour’’. It’s a fun game in which you have to visit different bars to find little presents hidden somewhere outside and if you do it well you get a free shot or a drink!

Music is a very important for Flip Flop Bar. It’s really varied and many people go there mainly because of it. Around once a month they also have a special DJ. Also, the staff are young and really cool. They’re always ready for a chat and to offer you the best drink suggestions. I love this in a bar, makes the place much more welcoming. Another thing that I loved there is that the bar is dog friendly. Actually you can bring any pets, not only dogs!

My friend and I spent a couple of hours there and I’m definitely planning on going to Flip Flop bar again. It’s a perfect place to relax for an after work drink and socialise, which is what many of the expats who were there said they do often!

What we love about it:

  • It’s nice to go somewhere for drinks that’s so relaxed.
  • It’s pet friendly and they even have bowls for their water.
  • Great choice of drinks, especially the beer and cocktails.
  • Fun decor.

What they can improve:

  • We had a great time, no complaints!
+359 87 780 6997
61 Oborishte Street, 1504
Drink for one: 6 leva (€3)
Suitable for: drinks
Visited: March 2015

Reviewed by:

antonia chukovaAntonia

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