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On our recent visit to Plovdiv we were invited to stay at the Eco Apartments of the Milchevi family and “Oh boy!” – am I happy we did!

When people decide to travel they most often look at hotels. As nice as some of them are, there are certain minuses to the hotel experience, which I, as an introvert, find extremely disturbing at times. A vivid example would be the constant noise of people walking in the hallways. To my surprise Eco Apartments Milchevi offers NONE of these discomforts. To the contrary: they provide a completely different experience to a hotel- total independence paired up with freshly ironed bedsheets!

Here are some of the bonuses, I need to share with you!

Why Eco Apartments? And why should you care?

The first time I heard “Eco Apartments” I thought it was a marketing trick. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Actually, when they say Eco, they mean it! The entire building was constructed with eco materials: from the bricks baked in the most natural way known to humanity, through the holding structure of the building all the way to the paint and furniture inside each and every apartment. There are no synthetic materials anywhere! What this does is actually create an atmosphere that allows not only your mind to rest, but your body to restore its natural cycles in a healthy-feeling environment. With no doubt you should choose their offering instead of any hotel.

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Suitable for: Longer stay, city break
Reservations: +359 (032) 94 35 24
Price per night: 60 leva (€30)
Visited on: December 2014

Visited by:

Nina AlexanderNina

Things we liked:

The sweetest hosts ever!

I can’t count the number of times I went to hotels with receptionists who are out of this world and have no idea what customer service is. This won’t happen to you if you choose Milchevi’s Eco Apartments. They are this extremely nice family which is incredibly welcoming in a way that won’t disturb your independence at all. Simply put- they’ll be there when you need them and you won’t see them unless you specifically try to.

I personally had the chance to talk to them and hear about the passion with which they spoke of creating a healthy, good environment for their guests and I couldn’t feel anything but respect for them. “If I have to give my money to anybody in Plovdiv”– I thought to myself- “I’d much rather give it to the Milchevi as it’s such a nice family run business than to a hotel that doesn’t even notice I’m there.”

Perfect location!

Yes, that’s right! When we initially arrived, me, not knowing anything about Plovdiv thought they were far from everything. What a mistake! They are perfectly located in an area which is quiet, yet walking distance from everything you may need.

Perfect service!

One of the best things about this place is the fact that you get complete and total independence, but yet again when you leave for the day and come back later you find the apartment tidied up, fresh and clean! It is simply amazing!


All of the apartments are shining bright clean, which mattered big time to me! If hygiene is important to you, you won’t regret choosing them!


You know how annoying it can be when you get a room somewhere and it takes you hours to warm the place up when you walk in? Well, this is not going to happen to you in these Eco Apartments. One of the key features of the building is the central heating which is on (as the owner says) during all months with an “r” in its name.

Here’s a preview of one of their apartments. Make sure you visit their website to have a look at all of them!

Things to improve:

Quite frankly, we didn’t see anything that needs improvement. Parking in the area is a little bit hard to find, but not really a drama.

Address: ulitsa "Sredets" 46-A, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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