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According to Dune Hotel is one of the two hotels in Sunny Beach situated directly on the beach. I know that it doesn’t seem that important at first, but believe me – being able to just walk out of your hotel lobby directly to the beach is priceless: you don’t have to “pack your bags” or think about stuff you might be forgetting, because your room is just seconds away from the beach! By the way, so is the hotel bar, so if you really want to, you can spend the whole day staring at the sea and sipping cocktails without ever having to move from your beach chair. During our two days stay in Dune Hotel we actually had a chance to observe one guy, who ordered a bottle of champagne every morning and just sat there drinking it and looking at the sea …  I almost started feeling jealous, but then I decided that drinking champagne on the beach when it’s 35 C° outside is just a very expensive way of getting a huge headache ;-).

Now a bit more about Dune Hotel : it’s quite expensive, especially for Bulgarian prices, so if you are looking for a place where you can stay for a long time, it will probably not be the best option. But if you are looking for a quick romantic getaway, this might just be the right thing. The hotel offers different types of rooms with Sea view and Park view, but if you have a possibility, you should always get the Sea View, because honestly – there’s no park in front of the hotel, just a parking area with some grass and a pedestrian street that gets really crowded and noisy at night. We took the Twin room with sea view, and paid 270 leva (135 euros) for one night. The twin rooms are the smallest rooms in the hotel (about 20 square meters) but have the biggest balconies with a wonderful sea view.

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Suitable for: Luxurious trip
Reservations: +359 554 23061
Price per night: 260 leva (€ 135)
Visited on: July 2014

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Things we liked:

  • Clean and spacious rooms
  • Amazing view (if you get the Sea View room)
  • Really big balcony/terrace in Twin rooms
  • Great breakfast with lots of choices (ham and sausage, different kinds of cheese, fruits, vegetables and fresh juices). By the way – their chocolate chip cookies are really tasty, and you absolutely have to try them!
  • Nice clean pool and lots of comfy mattresses and bean bag chairs around it
  • Private and supervised beach, where the waitresses can bring you your drinks and food directly to your beach chair (I just loved “Banana Boat” cocktail, even though I don’t usually like bananas in my drinks). The private beach part doesn’t seem to matter at first, but I was really glad when the two incredibly drunk young guys with a bottle of vodka had to leave, because they didn’t want to pay the 25 leva (12.5 euros) to use the beach chairs (normal price for a beach chair in Sunny Beach is approximately 8 leva (4 euros)
  • English speaking staff
  • Pet – friendly (small animals are allowed, and we saw two cutest little dogs playing in the grass while their owners were drinking coffee)
  • Free parking

Things to improve:

  • The receptionists couldn’t really give us any useful information about the activities around the hotel (for example – how to get to a water park we wanted to check out)
  • This one didn’t matter at all to me, but some of my friends were a bit disappointed, so I should probably mention it: Some of the bathrooms probably need to be a bit refreshed, because the paint is coming off on some of the tiles. So if you like everything to be perfect – well, now you know about it!

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