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Two weeks ago we were invited to a French-speaking party in Culture Beat Club in NDK. I remember that when we first arrived in Sofia, we noticed that there was a restaurant on one of the upper floors of the building, but when we tried to get in a mean old security person told us that it’s too late to go there (after all, it was almost 7.30 PM – way past everybody’s bed time!) and didn’t let us in. After that I’ve never tried to go back to NDK bars, because I didn’t feel like fighting for a right to spend money on drinks, and also because, well, there are way too many nice places in Sofia where you can actually feel welcome. However, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to discover the Culture Beat Club! As it turned out, even though the place is in NDK, they have a separate entrance on the side of the building, so you don’t have to fight the security to get in, because technically you are not getting inside NDK.

I always regret that there are not many places in Sofia with a view and a big open terrace, and even though in Culture Beat Club you don’t get to see the entire city, it’s still quite nice. And since the weather is not getting any warmer, you should at least grab one drink on the terrace of Culture Beat Club before it’s too cold!

What we love about it:

  • The place has a wonderful terrace with a beautiful view
  • Nice music
  • Tasty Mojitos
  • A possibility to get a table without booking (sure, you won’t get their best table, but at least you won’t have to push people around just to get to the bar)

What they can improve:

  • Their Margarita tasted really bad
+359 (0) 88 727 0777
1 Bulgaria Blvd
Price for one: 7 leva (€3.50)
Suitable for: drinks
Visited on: September 2014

Reviewed by:


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