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The amazing view from the Elinovska House in the Kosovo Houses Complex

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Do you like beauty, clean air, stunning nature, comfort and good food? Yes? I thought so! This is why I am eager to tell you about this one-of-a-kind-place in the heart of the Rhodope Mountain in Bulgaria called Kosovo village and in particular, the Kosovo Houses Complex.

After we took a right turn from the mountain road towards Pamporovo to the narrow one lane road leading to Kosovo village I must admit I was concerned at first. In less than 5 minutes however we reached the village and the view took my breath away in a second. I stopped the car and turned to Ellie asking “Can you hear this?”. “Hear what?” she replied staring at me with a confused look in her eyes. “The silence” I said and we both just sat there for nearly 10 minutes trying to memorize the view before us. Anxious to see the renovated houses however, we left and headed to the Hadjiiska House, where we were about to spend the two most amazing evenings!

I speak 3 languages yet I assure you, neither one has words powerful enough to describe the beauty of this place. The pictures and videos you see here are merely a preview of what the Kosovo Houses Complex looks like, but there is nothing that can actually describe the feeling of total relaxation and happiness that surrounds your entire being the minute you arrive.

Whether you want to spoil yourself, go hiking, explore amazing locations, spend time eating and drinking or even simply enjoy your book in a quiet place you’ll love Kosovo Houses.

Here’s the inspiring part – the complex was created by Svetlana and Christo who are 2 amazing Bulgarians that returned to their motherland after spending 17 years in Venezuela. The project isn’t simply a business idea they had – it is their legacy and you will feel the love they carry engraved in every single detail starting from the fresh, shining white bed sheets all the way to every dish on the menu in the restaurant. The rooms (in all 3 houses) are spacious and beautifully designed, taking your soul on a journey in old-time Bulgarian style. And the mornings! Oh, the mornings in the Kosovo Houses are unlike anywhere else in the world!!! But don’t take my word for it – go and explore it yourself!

Perfect for: relaxation, hiking, exploring
Reservations: +359 (0) 3342 2333
Price per night: 80 leva (€ 40)
Visited: July, 2015

Visited by:

Nina-and-ellieNina & Ellie

Hadjiiska House is the main house of the complex, where the reception and the restaurant are located (and where we stayed). Even though this is where your breakfast is, it doesn’t mean that you also need to stay there – all three of them are within 2-5 minutes walk from each other and absolutely amazing. The house is a cultural monument and I urge you to visit their website and read its story here.

Don’t forget to click the little gear icon and watch the video in HD quality!

Gavatovska house is the one where all winter parties should be held! it is perfect for large companies that are up for preparing their own food as it is equipped with self-service tavern (mehana). If is equipped with several apartments and you can see them all (including the history of the house) here.

Don’t forget to click the little gear icon and watch the video in HD quality!

Even though we stayed in the Hadjiiska House, the Elinovska immediately became my personal favorite! Next to the main house where the rooms and apartments are located, there is a separate house, which the owners call “Honeymoon suite”. You’ll see it in the video and pictures here – it’s simply brilliant! On the top floor, there’s a chimney, kitchen and a nice large living room with a dining area and a balcony with a hammock!!! Can you imagine just how cool this is!!! I do not want to pass on any recommendations because quite frankly regardless of where you choose to stay you’ll love it, but I am personally going back there for sure!

Don’t forget to click the little gear icon and watch the video in HD quality!

Things we liked:

We loved everything about this place so there’s no point of listing them one by one (this would be a very long list!).

The Kosovo Houses Complex is undoubtedly an experience on it’s own. You can go there and feel in heaven for as long as you stay (and please, don’t make our mistake to only stay a couple of days – go for as long as you can). There are so many things you can do during your stay there. Here’s a list of must do activities (with links to our experiences).

  • Order a trout fish meal at the restaurant!
    I could write an article for this one experience only and I most likely will soon. But let me tell you: this is the best trout fish you can eat in Bulgaria and I am not joking nor exaggerating!
  • Talk to the owners!
    Svetlana and Christo are sweethearts. There’s no word to describe them better than that. Christo knows everything about the history of the village and about mushrooms and if you’re lucky, he might just take you along and show you how to differentiate the edible once from the rest.
  • Visit the Wonderful bridges! 
    20 minute drive from the Kosovo Houses will take you one of the most amazing locations in Bulgaria. Don’t miss visiting it!!!
  • Visit the Bachkovo Monastery
    A holy place unlike anything I have ever seen!
  • Visit Assen’s Fortress
    A total miracle of construction, there’s an amazing legend about it – check the link above for more information!
  • Do some SPA in Narechenski Bani
    Just 4km away from the Kosovo houses, Narechenski Bani is one of the best places to go if you want to spoil yourself with mineral water swimming pools and various SPA Procedures.
  • Visit at least one of the 7 chapels on the hills around the village
    Ask the owners about the chapels and they’ll tell you everything about them, including how to reach them. Hiking to those chapels is easy and you don’t need to be particularly fit. Check out our story about visiting one of them on the link above.

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