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Kachamak is a traditional dish in the Balkan countries, and it is made of cornmeal. In Bulgaria it is usually served with “Sirene” (the local white cheese), but of course there are many variations of this dish (that could be served grilled or boiled, with sauce, meat or vegetables). Catch’A Mak restaurant serves all kinds of food, including several Kachamak dishes, and since I’ve never tried it before, the restaurant seemed like a good place to do it.

P.S: Went back to Catch’A Mak and tried their Kachamak with sirens – delicious!!!! (and so is their Lava Cake and Home Made Tarama)

What we love about it:

  • The restaurant is very cozy. A nice touch: their bar looks like a part of a real house, with glasses in the kitchen cabinets and bottles on the shelves.
  • There’s a little terrace in the back yard, with a couple of tables, and like in so many terraces in Sofia it must be really nice to sit there when it’s warm outside and enjoy a meal or a glass of wine
  • We tried a Kachamak with tomato sauce, and it was quite tasty, although next time I will probably try the traditional one with Sirene, just to compare them
  • Some of the staff speak English

What they can improve:

  • It was a bit strange to get a bottle of Acqua Panna when we asked for some mineral water. After all, Bulgaria has so many sources of it’s own mineral water, so why not serve it?
  • Wine was a little expensive at 7 leva per glass.
  • Once again, this one is about my personal preferences: We ordered a risotto with salmon, and to my biggest disappointment I discovered that they serve it with tiny bits of pickles mixed into the rice. Believe me, I love pickles, but this was all I could taste, and if one day I want to eat pickles with rice, I can eat that at home.
  • Will I go back to Catch’A Mak? Definitely! I can’t stop wondering about what their other kachamak dishes taste like and I really want to try them! As always, if you want to go to this restaurant in the evening, don’t forget to book your table!
+359 890 12 10 12
62 Neofit Rilski Street
Price for one: 15 leva (€7.50)
Suitable for: lunch, dinner
Visited on: November 2014

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