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When I moved to Sofia I was really happy to discover a new city, a new culture and of course, new food. But after a couple months I realized, that “Shopska Salata” doesn’t sound as exciting as it used to, and that I don’t catch myself craving cheese and spinach “banitsa” and calculating how many of them I can eat without gaining 500 kilos. If you’ve lived abroad, you know how it is – at some point you just want to stop experimenting, and eat something simple, but tasty. That’s when I remembered, that a lot of people were telling me about some amazing meat place in downtown Sofia, not far from Vitosha Street. Unfortunately none of them were able to tell me what kind of meat it was, or where it was exactly, or at least the name of the place.

It took me quite some time to find “Boom Burgers & Steaks”, and I really don’t want you to repeat my mistakes, so here comes the info!

First thing you should know about Boom Burgers – they are delicious! The meat is juicy (the staff speak English and your waitress will ask you whether you want it well done, medium or rare), the hamburger selection is pretty big – starting with a classic hamburger, and moving on to cheeseburgers, chicken burgers and even fish fillet burgers. If you like meat – take the Boomburger, it tastes really good and literally melts in your mouth.

Another wonderful thing about Boom Burgers & Steaks  – they’ve really thought about everybody! Not only do they have all sorts of meat burgers, but also – for those of us still trying to look like models at the beach, they have the “Skinny Burger” served without a bun and with a side salad. Or, for example – why should vegetarians be deprived of the right to share a burger with their friends? Right, they shouldn’t, and in “Boom! Burgers & Steaks” they don’t have to, because there’s an “Aubergine and Goat’s Cheese Burger” created just for them! By the way, this last vegetarian burger is much tastier than the “Fish Fillet Burger”, so if you are hesitating – just take the vegetarian one.

What we love about it:

Since it is one of my favorite restaurants in Sofia, I could go on and on about it. Reading is nice, but eating is even nicer, so just go there and pick your own favourite burger (as usual, don’t forget to share your experience with us)!

What they can improve:

I have no complaints!

+359 894 420 440
15 Karnigradska St., Sofia
Price for one: 20 leva (€ 10)
Suitable for: lunch, dinner
Visited on: September 2014

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