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After the short walk I managed to take in the old town of Plovdiv, I couldn’t stop thinking of hot chocolate. It was already dark even though it wasn’t late at all, and the weather wasn’t friendly either. So, walking towards the car I asked a group of youngsters to point me to an appropriate place for a cup of the warm drink.

When I finally found Bizarr (because they really gave me bad directions) I was stunned. No, not because the place was awesome. I was actually taken back to the 1990’s in Bulgaria – it was that type of coffee bar/ bar/ club that thick-neck guys used to make back in the days. And this is not a place I’d normally go to.

Walking inside what is supposed to be a garden you are immediately met by a heavy cigarette smell. I know this will sound repulsive to some, but those who do smoke will appreciate the fact that they can have a cigarette somewhere warm. This so called ‘garden’ was nothing else, but s burning hole in Bulgaria’s not-smoking-in-public-places regulation, but oh well – someone always does that, right?

The place was huge and as you can see from the pictures, the decoration was … bizarre. What I can’t deny was that the hot chocolate was really nice. If however I need to describe it in one sentence, I’d say: “Bizarr by name, bizarre by nature”…

What we love about it:

  • I wanted hot chocolate and it was good!

What they can improve:

  • It wasn’t really the kind of place I love so I can’t comment on what they should improve…
+359 0889 19 91 45 / +359 0886 31 21 09
ulitsa “Kapitan Raycho Nikolov” 53
Drinks for one: 10 leva (€5)
Suitable for: drinks
Visited on: December 2014

Reviewed by:

Nina AlexanderNina

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