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Where the art of love meets the need of coffee …

As most of the people around me know, I am a masochistic workaholic, have several jobs, do dozens of things every day and have an extremely dynamic way of life. This is why my desperate need of coffee is a main feature of my daily experience.

When I first entered Barista coffee shop, I thought I would simply order my take-away cup of coffee, pay for it and leave, rushing for the next bullet in my to-do list. I couldn’t be more wrong…

The first thing to impress me was the huge smiles on the faces of all people working there. Positive, shiny and inspiring with their energy, they immediately make you feel special and somehow…at home. As I am in love with milk, I asked for a larger dose of milk (and by “larger” I really mean that 🙂 ) with an ordinary coffee. Usually, people’s reaction is a sign of surprise and uncertainty and they start asking me several times whether I am sure and how much milk exactly to put in it. This time it was different and suddenly, a new type of coffee product was initially invented – Lucy’s coffee (huge latte with triple milk dose and one dose of coffee). At the end, after taking my cup, I saw that they have even spent some time to serve my coffee in the form of a lovely barista drawing on top. Since then, every morning I have a different story drawn on top of my late – a smile, bear, flower, heart a tiger-to-be contemporary attempt etc. And this is how they treat everybody – with special attention, personal care and a huge smile. What can be a better way to start your day? 🙂

The qualities of this place, however, do not end here. I was amazed by the fact that they personally bake most of the food temptations offered to customers – croissants, cookies, muffins, Christmas cakes, Easter cakes, and whatever you can imagine. You can see them running around the place at 5 am, so that they can be ready till 7 am and open with warm and tasty delicious attractions. In addition to that, they personally choose each ingredient or food used in sandwiches, salads etc. They also prepare nicely weird juices and lemonades, including mint leaves, elderberry and other exotic offers, which are hard to find elsewhere.

The delicious sweets, remarkable food, extra-ordinary service and tastiest coffee ever do not comprise the complete image of the place. There is a huge library of books (in both Bulgarian and English) available for reading while having your coffee or tea, chill-out music accompanying your relaxing state of mind and a regularly-changing composition of pictures, paintings and interesting framed arrangements on the walls. Customers are also provided with a weekly schedule of events taking place in Sofia if they want to plan visiting one or are just curious on what will be available as options in the next few days. Furthermore, every week a selected book is offered for sale and is usually presented by the author (if he or she is Bulgarian and able to attend) with an open-door reading session.

Barista coffee shop is definitely worth visiting – the smiley and positive people, tasty food, remarkable and unique coffee temptations, extreme variety of product offers, and comfortable environment are all making it a memorable experience! And yes, they speak English! And yes, they have outdoor tables as well! 🙂 You can find them on the corner of Bacho Kiro and Ekzarh Joseph streets, in the heart of Sofia or in Business Park Sofia. Or simply visit their Facebook fan page and see for yourself! 🙂

What we love about it:

Amazing coffee and wonderful service!

What they can improve:

Nothing at all!

Various locations
Price for one: 3-5 leva (€2.50 )
Suitable for: Coffee, cakes
Visited: April 2015

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