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mehana lozenets

There’s a cool new bar / restaurant which has just opened in Lozenetz. If you’ve ever been to Casa de Cuba, you’ll know the area where this new place is and you’ll also know it’s a really trendy part of Sofia.

Bar & Mehana Lozenetz is a mehana with a difference. The restaurant offers Bulgarian cuisine but with a slightly modern twist. The decor of this mehana is also not your typical Bulgarian restaurant style. It gives more of a ‘wine bar’ vibe which makes it a great place to meet with friends for after work drinks and dinner.

A couple of things really impressed me which I’ll highlight first. As many of you know, I love to enjoy a glass of wine. Here you can order a 1 litre bottle of house wine for 13 leva, and it’s good wine. Secondly, the menu has a really good selection of both starters and main meals. For example, I had a spinach salad and fried zucchini. Both were absolutely delicious and again, very reasonably priced. For main I tried the chicken with spinach and mashed potatoes (yes, I’m a big spinach fan!). We also tried some of their spare ribs which were amazing. The kind where the meat just falls off the bone! It was actually quite difficult to choose from the menu because there was a really good grill selection and even one of my favourite Bulgarian ‘nibbles’, cornflake chicken! When I go back again I need to make sure I’m very hungry! Or perhaps I’ll go with a big group so we can order many different things and all try a little bit of everything! I almost forget to mention that I saved a little space and tried their homemade cheesecake too, so good!

I would say that an average meal for two would cost between 40-60 leva here, it’s very good value.

There’s a garden too, which is obviously not open right now in February, but once spring arrives it will be lovely I’m sure. I will definitely be going back there and when I do I will take some more photos. How I long for the warm weather …. I can’t wait to sit outside with a glass of rosé and some fried zucchini chips and simply watch the world go by!

Bar & Mehana Lozenetz is open for lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday.

Parking around the area can be quite difficult, although there is a parking area behind the restaurant which is free for customers. Saying that, it may be best to take a taxi, because that litre of house wine goes down way too nicely!




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