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When we first started creating the website we didn’t realise that it would be so valuable to people and that we would get such an amazing amount of traffic in only a year. Every month we see our visits growing and we are sure that as we continue to add great content these numbers will keep on rising. Here is some of the information about our visitors! Contact us if you’d like to discuss our various options for advertising places or services in Bulgaria.

LAST UPDATED: January 2021

The most important metric of them all:
reader's feedback

❝ helps me to see Bulgaria in a wonderful way, and that is the fact! Bulgaria is a more


❝ Great idea, great initiative! I am so excited to see foreigners living in Bulgaria, who like and appreciate more


❝ Nice pics and wonderful website; wish I had found it before my last full day in Sofia ... more

Testimonial User

❝ Dear admin, Thanks to your facebook page and website in English, i can learn and discover a lot more