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Nightlife In Sofia, Bulgaria

Nightlife in Sofia

I’m not the type of a person who is out partying every night, but when I want to have fun, I know one thing for sure – there are hundreds of places I can have fun in Sofia!

The truth is Bulgarians are always ready for a party! The clubs work seven days a week, almost non-stop and during the weekend you’ll find many people partying until morning in Sofia!

Of course, being the capital, Sofia offers a nightlife that can satisfy every taste. For example, you can spend an evening on Vitosha Boulevard in one of the many nice bars or restaurants. There’s such an amazing atmosphere here, especially in the summer when everyone is sitting outside. The street is closed to traffic so you’ll see many people strolling along and moving from bar to bar. Most places on this main street close around midnight but you can move on to one of the clubs after that. Everything is close by and taxis are cheap (if you don’t feel like walking in your heels on the cobbled streets – it’s not easy!). When it comes to nightclubs there’s so many to choose from in Sofia, I think people are often pleasantly surprised by the nightlife here! There’s the clubs for typical commercial music, R&B clubs, Karaoke bars, Strip clubs and even Retro clubs playing hits from the 80’s and 90’s!

However, from what I see and know, no matter what your taste is, at the very end of the evening, everyone ends up in the Chalga clubs! These clubs are somehow so exotic and interesting to visitors to Sofia. It cannot really be described why – you just have to see it for yourself! 🙂

I think Bulgarians, and expats living in Bulgaria, are very spoilt when it comes to having fun and socialising. We do love to enjoy ourselves and in nice places too. But why not I say? Being spoilt is not a bad thing … right?! 😉

I’m sure you will love the nightlife in Sofia, you can check our reviews of bars and clubs in Sofia to get you started! And, if you’ve been, let us know which are your favourite places to party in Sofia.

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Antonia Chukova

I grew up in Kozloduy (the town of the NPP-Nuclear power plant). When I was 14 I moved to Sofia and currently I am in love with this place.
I love travelling, but I do not imagine myself living abroad. I just love Bulgaria and everything in it but I do like exploring new cultures, food and places. I love reading, fashion, shopping, clubbing and gossiping with my girlfriends. I am more of a SPA person with a TV addiction, which is why I am pursuing a career in Bulgarian television.