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If you’re moving to Bulgaria we know that you will have a million and one questions that need to be answered. We know this because we’ve been in exactly the same position!

If you are planning a move to Bulgaria, we’re sure some of your questions will be ……

How will we find a home?

Who will move our furniture?

What’s the best area to live in?

Where will the kids go to school?

Will there be work for my partner?

How will I learn the language?

How will I find a car?

How do I set up a business?

How will I organise my residency paperwork?

What health insurance do we need?


This list goes on and on! However, what you shouldn’t forget is that there are people here in Sofia, like us, who have been through all this! We’ve learned, shared experiences, made connections and got ourselves settled in so well to life in Sofia that we never want to leave!

We have so much information and we’d love to help you with your relocation to Sofia, and most importantly, make sure you get settled in and love the city as much as we do!

Want to know the best restaurant for a romantic dinner? Or the best bar to entertain clients? Need some short term accommodation while you’re searching for your home? You can spend hours searching for all this, we know, we’ve tried! Or you can ask us!

Maybe you are thinking about starting your own business in Bulgaria? We’ve done this too, and it’s surprisingly simple. We can help you with the process of setting up the business, finding an office or a co-working space and even with recruiting a team.

We are currently working on adding lots more information to the website, but in the meantime, if you’re moving to Bulgaria and need some help or advice, please get in touch. We want to help you!


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