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Immune Boosting Superfoods Found in Bulgaria

When it comes to healthy eating, this is something we in Bulgaria can do exceptionally well.

Bulgaria has an abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs that grow all over this beautiful country.

If you take a walk on any of the picturesque mountain trails you will see so many of the natural wonders that are on offer here. Here are some of our favourite locally grown and produced foods that are used most commonly to boost the immune system naturally. We all know that having a strong immune system has become even more important than ever for us all in the last year so stay healthy and enjoy some of these delicious Bulgarian foods.


The benefits of honey have long been known. A spoonful of honey every day can boost your immune system and fight the symptoms of cold and flu. Honey also offers antiseptic and antioxidant properties. Bulgarian honey can be found in supermarkets or you can buy directly from local farms, which is what we love to do. Supporting local producers here in Bulgaria is something we do as often as we can.


Elderflower grows freely in Bulgaria and can be used in many ways, one of the most popular is to make drinks such as Elderflower tea. It has a powerful antiviral and immune boosting effect, which makes it successful in fighting the many symptoms of cold and flu such as coughs, fevers, sinus infections and respiratory disturbances.


Perhaps surprisingly, tomatoes are a great source of Vitamin C. Bulgaria is known locally for having the tastiest tomatoes in the world; so, this makes eating them often very easy here! Whether you make a fresh shopska salad or prepare yourself a delicious warming tomato soup, it’s a really great way to help boost your immune system.


Rosehips are another great source of Vitamin C and can be made into tea for an excellent daily dose. Unrefined Rosehip oil is also used to boost complexion and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles when used directly on the skin.


Walnuts are an incredible superfood which have high omega-3 fatty acid content which are essential to your diet as your immune system is partially dependant on these fatty acids. If you’re lucky you might even have a walnut tree in your garden in Bulgaria!

There are many more wonderful foods that you can find in Bulgaria, this is just a list of some of our favourites. What are yours?

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