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Gradually, online shopping is picking up in Bulgaria, we’re looking forward to seeing more and more options available to us! Usually, when you order online in Bulgaria, you can easily arrange delivery to a local Speedy or Ekont office, which is really great and not expensive. Often you can also pay cash on collection at these offices too.

If you do have a website for online shopping, you can promote your website to get great results!

Here are some useful links to the most popular shops and supermarkets in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, they don’t all have their websites available in English however you may still find them useful we hope.

Also, keep in mind that delivery with the likes of Speedy or Ekont is really efficient and cheap in Bulgaria. Many shops give you the option to deliver to an address, or, you can pick up from a local courier office.



Electrical and tech

Technomarket Online Store

Technomarket online store

Technopolis Online Store

Technopolis online store

Zora Online Store

Zora Online Store




Lidl Bulgaria



Ikea Bulgaria

Ikea Bulgaria

Como Furniture Online Store-bulgaria

Como furniture online store-bulgaria


Le Mont Botanique

Le Mont Botanique

DM Drogerie Bulgaria

DM drogerie Bulgaria

Lilly Online Drogerie Bulgaria

Lilly online drogerie Bulgaria

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