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Gyms in Sofia


World Class Fitness & Spa

World Class Spa Sofia, Bulgaria

This is a great place to spend a few hours, the gym is a reasonable size with plenty of equipment but that’s not the best thing here, the best is the spa! Head downstairs from the changing rooms and you’ll find a lovely pool with a jacuzzi and massaging jets. Head upstairs and you’ll find a sauna, steam room and if you’re feeling brave an ice cold pool to refresh yourself after the workout. A day pass for everything costs around 20 leva (10 Euro).


Slavia Fitness Sofia

Slavia Sportess

Slavia has a smaller and older gym than some of the others here however they have recently invested in new equipment and there are now plenty of running machines and bikes! They also have a boxing area and lots of regular classes such as aerobics and tae-bo. Price is around 6 leva (3 Euro) per session.



Pulse Fitness

Pulse fitness Bulgaria

This is the largest and probably fanciest fitness centre in Sofia. There’s state of the art equipment and a great spa, pool, spinning classes and more! They offer various membership packages but it’s worth taking advantage of the free day pass offer that’s on their website before you join.



the gym, sofia

The Gym

Aside from having plenty of equipment, here you will also find a great range of classes, a sauna, steam room, solarium and you can also book for a relaxing massage. What we like most here is the shooting range – read more about that here!


So, these are the gyms in Sofia that we’ve tried but do you have a favourite that we haven’t mentioned?

Contact us and tell us about it!