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Living in Bulgaria

We are a team of bloggers in Bulgaria, collecting all the information you may need if you are visiting Bulgaria for a holiday, staying for a short business trip or if you are an expat moving to live in this beautiful country.

We’d like to share with you some of our favourite things to do in Bulgaria through our travel guide. Read our blog about Bulgaria and our hotel and restaurant reviews for lots of fun stories. Also look out for our helpful tips, general information and news of any events happening! You can also find out more about who we are on the our bloggers page!

About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is situated in Eastern Europe and borders Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Turkey and Serbia. It is also easily reached by many low cost airlines and has four major airports all conveniently located near the major cities, Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna.

It is fast becoming a popular destination for tourists, offering both ski resorts for the winter season and beach resorts for the summer. There are also many European companies opening offices in Bulgaria, meaning there’s a rise in expats living here too. Bulgaria still uses its own currency, the lev, meaning prices for food, accommodation and properties are all very low in comparison to most other cities in Europe.

Restaurants in Bulgaria

There are so many great restaurants in Bulgaria and the food is simply amazing! You are spoilt for choice with delicious meat, fish and salads. To truly experience Bulgarian cuisine, the traditional Shopska Salad has to be tried with a little Rakia to wash it down, just be careful though, Rakia is very strong! There are also some very nice Bulgarian wines available, so be sure to try those too.

In addition to the traditional food you will find fantastic pizza, sushi, kebabs, in fact, you’ll find everything!

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sense restaurant sofia

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Our Aim

Our aim is to build a site that you can come to for everything, whether you’re planning a holiday in Bulgaria, spending time here for business or moving here long-term. We hope you enjoy it and find this guide and blog about Bulgaria useful.

We also hope we’ll manage to show you that this country is more than you can imagine! There is so much history, several incredibly beautiful mountains and a stunning seaside.

But don’t take our word for it … Come and see Bulgaria for yourself!

Jeff Dawson, USA

❝ Nice pics and wonderful website; wish I had found it before my last full day in Sofia … The website looks excellent; very polished and professional. Whatever you add for Ruse, just emulate what you already have on the webpage for the other beautiful areas in this wonderful country. My other comment is that your website is very authentic and genuine. As long as you maintain those qualities, you’ll be in real good hands. ❞

Jeff Dawson, USA Jeff's Instagram Profile
Rakhmat Robbi – From Indonesia helps me to see Bulgaria in a wonderful way, and that is the fact! Bulgaria is a beautiful country. This website really helped me to find some recommended places to visit such as holiday spots, restaurants, etc, with lots of detail and entertaining explanations. I love to spend my time reading all the articles! ❞

Rakhmat Robbi - from Indonesia Rakhmat's Facebook Profile
Janaka Waidyathilaka From Sri Lanaka

❝ I was eager to know details about your country as 2 girls visited my country from Sofia and i was tour guiding lecture of them, then i needed to know about Bulgaria just have a very good chat/communication with my foreign tourist. Thank to your site i managed to know all necessary information about Bulgaria, not only that but it promoted me to visit one day Bulgaria.. thanks again and may your effort long live.

Sincerely – Janaka Waidyathilaka from sri lanaka ❞

Janaka waidyathilaka from Sri Lanaka
Veselin Vasilev From Bulgaria

❝ Great idea, great initiative! I am so excited to see foreigners living in Bulgaria, who like and appreciate our country, culture, nature, food, etc. Hope you will spend a great time living in Bulgaria, and find as much as possible friends here. Someone could meet his/her love here smile emoticon Just as advice, you can focus on popularizing our history (archeological sites, etc). I think it will be interesting for most of the people to visit Veliko Tarnovo, our monasteries, Plovdiv, Perperikon, Thracian hills(tombs), Sofia, etc, etc ❞

Veselin Vasilev from Bulgaria Veselin's Facebook Profile
Vicki Nguyen From Vietnam

❝ Dear admin, Thanks to your facebook page and website in English, i can learn and discover a lot of things about beautiful Bulgaria that i had no idea before. Keep up your works and the world will know and even love Bulgaria more. I’ve already fallen in love with your country. Your contributions are very worthy and precious! Thank you so much! ❞

Vicki Nguyen from Vietnam Vicki's Facebook Profile
Aiden From Manchester, UK

❝ Hi All, I am so thankful that I came across your fantastic website! Im moving to Sofia in June and your informative site has been a god send:) Your efforts are greatly appreciated! Best wishes from Manchester

Kind regards Aiden 🙂 x ❞

Aiden from Manchester, UK