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Nina Ellie And Rebecca At Fashion Tv Party

CEEDS by Webit: a conference you really should be at

If you haven’t yet found a reason to visit Bulgaria, then you should definitely read this!

CEEDS by Webit is a business event in Sofia, combining a vast number of activities such as incredibly interesting talks on the emerging trends in digital marketing and technology, business expo, start-ups expo and presentations and many more! You can learn more about the event in details here:, where you can see the presentations, photos and even some of the participants.

For us, the Webit event was an amazing experience. We managed to talk to many people describing our project and were so happy to receive the amazing feedback they provided. We even managed to re-home several lonely teddies, proudly wearing the Eat Stay Love Bulgaria T-Shirts 🙂 You can check more photos on our Facebook page.

A special thanks to our sponsors and friends, who stood by us and allowed us to perform amazing!

GOLD SPONSOR: The Great Branding Co. provided us with the wonderful giveaway presents we had, (including the bears!). The most incredible thing is that they managed to do this with very short notice! We will be forever grateful!

SILVER SPONSOR: The amazing VAL&KAR company, who makes a lot of this website possible and helps people travel. We love you guys!

The Great Branding

Val and Kar

There are several reasons for everyone to visit Webit in Bulgaria and here they are:

  • If you want to refresh your knowledge on digital marketing and emerging technologies. It is not only ambitious, but quite naïve to believe we know everything that is trending in the tech and marketing world and absorbing all the content online is hard work. At Webit you can have the most important aspects of everything you need summarized and delivered in a nice atmosphere.
  • If you want to meet all ambitious people. It seemed to me that anyone with ambition to develop was at this event. Quite frankly, I believe that business needs to be close to its customers for sure, but it also needs to be close to the community in which it develops and CEEDS by Webit gathers this community every year.
  • Have 2 amazingly inspiring days. Going to this event is like drinking energy boosting drinks, to the point where you feel you will explode from excitement. So many interesting ideas are presented everywhere around you, people are smiling and everyone is there to make things happen. I even think this may be better than fitness!
  • Learn everything you need to know about start-ups and investors. One of the most interesting parts of the conference for me was the investors panel (second day) where representatives from several huge investment companies talked about what they’re looking for and what start-ups need to remember when applying to an investor. I honestly think this panel can be quite beneficial not only to start-ups and investors, but to everyone.

What you need to know about CEEDS by Webit?

First – mark your calendar to start checking their website after the first half of January and get your tickets early. Not only because they will be cheaper (50 euros compared to 200 euros) but also so you can plan your time in advance!

Second – make sure you wear comfy shoes! The official Twitter account of CEEDS by Webit promised more chairs next year, but as they say “Prevention is better than cure”, so you better count on yourself.

Third – print many business cards! On the first day of the event everyone is a little shy, but then something happens and second day people are so chatty, that your mouth will hurt 🙂 Make sure you are prepared to continue the conversation with them afterwards.

Come to the Fashion TV Party!
Webit takes pride in their signature Fashion TV party and I see why! The event was definitely unlike most events in Sofia and we quite enjoyed it. But be careful with the drinks – you don’t want to miss the second day! Here are some videos and pictures from the party!

Nina Ellie And Rebecca At Fashion Tv Party

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