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Bungee Jumping Varna

Bungee Jumping Varna

If you’re looking for some extreme activities to do while you’re on holiday in Bulgaria, we can recommend you try bungee jumping in Varna!

We went to check out the bungee jumping arranged by Club Adrenalin on Asparuhov most (Asparuhov bridge). The bridge is around 50 metres high and 2 kms long and the bungee jump is above one of the canals below.

Firstly, I need to tell you about how you can reach the spot from where you will jump. If you’re driving, you need to stop the car at the beginning of the bridge (if you’re coming from the centre of Varna). Almost immediately as you drive onto the bridge there is an area you can pull into which has big tall flags. If you’re coming from the opposite direction you should drive to the end of the bridge and pull over just before you exit, again there is an area which is suitable for parking. (See photo below). I should add that this is what we were told to do and our car was fine, however I’m not sure if there’s a chance that the car could get a ticket, or even worse, towed away. If in doubt, take a taxi and ask the driver to drop you at the same place.
parking for bungee jump varna


Once there you should walk about 1km to the middle of the bridge where the bungee jump will take place. If the team are already there you will see them with a big yellow tent on the edge of the pathway. There is a pathway to walk along but it’s a very busy bridge so I strongly recommend you don’t take children here to watch as it’s not a very safe place to wait.


bungee jump varna bridge


Another piece of advice is to book with them in advance and arrive early … they arrange the jumps on a first come first served basis so if you arrive first, you won’t have to wait. There were around 4 people ahead of us when we arrived at 10:30am and the wait was around 45 mins. By the time we left there were at least 10 more people waiting!

The guys organising the jumps were very friendly and efficient. Obviously the biggest concern about doing a bungee jump is safety and although I don’t like the idea of jumping from a bridge being held by nothing but a rope, it did all look very secure!

bungee jump varna


I watched 4 people jump and every one of them came back up smiling! As you can probably sense, I didn’t jump, I actually had no intention to and was there simply as the photographer! I must say though, having been there and seen how relaxed and happy everyone was that was jumping, I may be tempted to give it a go another time.


bungee jumping varnavarna_bridge_jump


The cost of the jump was 60 leva and you can arrange by visiting Club Adrenalin.




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Rebecca Richardson

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