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3 Best Places To See In Bulgaria By Motorbike

Bulgaria is a fairly small country in size, but the diversity in culture is vast. If you are looking for a new destination in Europe that is safe, affordable and has an unspoiled beauty, this Balkan nation is your best bet. About one-third of the country is made of up forests, and many places are untouched and undiscovered. When exploring the national parks, monasteries, and villages, an interesting way to do it is by motorbike.

Ancient Town Of Nessebar

Nessebar is famous for its beaches, edifices, and ruins. It is also called the Pearl of the Black Sea due to its location on the rocky coast of the Black Sea. Riding your bike on the cobblestone streets of Nessebar will take you to the remains of numerous brick churches, mostly constructed in the 5th century. The magnificent St. Stephen church from the 11th century is another historical spot to spend some of your time, seeing the mural paintings and ornamented altarpiece. Head to the beaches and enjoy the seafood there and try water sports. Other must-see spots are the Aquapark, the Holy Archangels Church, Saint Sophia church, and the Winery Messembria.

Historical Reserve, Koprivshtitsa

The things that sum up your experience in the Koprivshtitsa village are the booming public squares, cobblestone streets, and brightly coloured houses. The village is rich in museum houses and memorials, showcasing old weapons, artwork, national costumes, and ethnographical treasures. As you ride your bike around this historic town, you have the Sredna Gora Mountains as your backdrop. Explore the narrow alleyways on two-wheels and take in the feeling of being transported back in time, specifically in 1876 during the war with the Ottoman.

The Quaint City Of Ruse

As you ride your motorbike in Ruse, you can easily see the mixture of contemporary and traditional. It is situated on the right side of the Danube bank. It is called the Little Vienna with its numerous Neo-Rococo and Neo-Baroque buildings. It boasts the Ruse-Giurgiu Friendship Bridge, which is referred to as the Bulgarian-Romanian Bridge. Check out the Old Center and central parts and you will discover the green areas of the place with fountains and benches.

Time stops in many remote towns of Bulgaria. You can experience the old times in these places without the need of using a time machine. What you need is the courage and excitement to reach them. Your senses will enjoy the adventure, thrill, and pleasure of Bulgaria, all-in-one. What’s more, you will have your reliable motorbike to take you to these wonderful destinations.

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